Samsung/Android Charging Cables (Micro USB)

Samsung/Android Charging Cables          (Micro USB)
Gigacord BlackARMOR Samsung USB Micro Charging/Sync Cable

Our Gigacord BlackARMOR cables were designed to outlast and outperform our competitor's products. The durable construction combined with quality components and our lifetime guarantee make these cables an easy choice for today's smartphone users. Did we mention they are gorgeous?

* Lifetime Warranty Every BlackARMOR cable is guaranteed for life, and is back by our LIFETIME WARRANTY!

* Tapered Anodized Aluminum Connector Tapered connectors fit cases of all types with ease. Thick cases are no match for our BlackARMOR cables!

* Heavy Duty Strain Relief With our heavy duty strain relief, these cables can take a beating and outlast other cables.

* Extra Thick Gauge Cable To ensure maximum durability, BlackARMOR cables are made with extra thick gauge cable.

* Tangle-Free Nylon Braiding Nylon braiding provides additional strength and protection, which prevents fraying.